Adventist Community Services & Disaster Response

Help Alleviate Suffering at US Borders

You have all heard about the immigrant crisis on our southern border. The greatest need is NEW clothing for children. The items needed are listed below. Texas Adventist Community Services-Disaster Response is providing assistance and needs our help.
Texas ACS DR Depot has been delivering clothing, blankets and personal care kits to the Mission Border Hope in Eagle Pass, Texas and there is a need for items in the lower Rio Grande Valley too.
The Depot is currently in great need of more items (see below) to be able to assemble children’s clothing packets. 
We are asking for your help to spread the word. If you want to help replenish items, please send new clothing to the Depot in Keene, Texas.


The NEW items in need are as follows:




Infant clothing

0 to 18 months

Infant socks

0 to 18 months

Boys / Girls shirts

2 to 12

Boys / Girls pants or shorts

2 to 12

Boys / Girls socks

4 to 11

Girls underwear

2 to 16

Boys’ underwear

2 to 8 and 12


Please note that there are two addresses: if sending items by mail (including monetary donations payable to Texas ACS DR), please use the PO Box.
If the items are going to be mailed by postal services they need to be addressed to the PO Box. They don’t receive mail at the physical address. 


Address if using USPS

Texas ACS DR Depot

PO Box 35

Keene, Texas 76059

Attn: Julie & Marshall Gonzales


Address if using UPS, FedEx, etc (anything other than USPS)

Texas ACS DR Depot

702 N. Old Betsy Road

Keene, Texas 76059

Attn: Julie & Marshall Gonzales



Help California Fire Victims


The devastation caused by the Camp Fire in the Paradise, California area is indescribable! If you would like to help someone who is suffering from the California fires, trusted Adventist members will be going down with a utility trailer WITHIN THE NEXT 2-3 WEEKS when the air quality improves. They are requesting blankets, bedding, towels, kitchen items, or better yet store gift cards and/or cash for them to get things they need, etc. Please make sure everything is new or like new condition that you are sending. The items will be hand delivered personally by them. If you have friends or family down there that need help as well, please let me know their contact information so we can get some donations to them as well. Please drop-off your items at the Eagle SDA church or school (538 West State Street, Eagle) by November 30 (note the school will be closed for Thanksgiving break) or email at the address below for pickup or questions.


Help Victims of the Recent Hurricanes by Donated Much Needed Goods


More items and information for ordering supplies from Amazon or Walmart. On the homepage of our there is a link if that is easier to send in an email to churches.