Who are Pathfinders?

Pathfinders are a worldwide organization of young people sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, though young people of any religious persuasion, or none at all, are welcome and encouraged to join the organization.  The Pathfinder program is a Christian Organization for young people grades 5-12. Today, there are almost 2 million Pathfinders worldwide. Youth learn to share and care about others as they become involved in community service projects and go on short-term mission trips. At a Pathfinder Club meeting, young people learn skills that help them to become leaders within their communities, schools and churches. Skills in household arts, crafts & hobbies, health science, nature, outreach, recreation and vocation are taught. There are many different areas, in which a youth has opportunity to serve, such as: dental, medical, optical, building projects, cleaning up a community or helping with Vacation Bible Schools.  Though Pathfinders is an organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, one need not be a church member to become a Pathfinder. Youth can feel proud of belonging to a group that encourages and helps them to be the most caring people they can possibly become.  According to the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists, there are over 48,000 Pathfinder Clubs worldwide with Club Membership of 1,646,087!

Who are Adventurers?

North American Division Adventurer Ministries Mission Statement
The North American Division Adventurer program serves an inter-cultural community of children in grades 1-4 and their parents and care-givers through a holistic ministry.  The purpose of the program is to support parents and care-givers in leading and encouraging their children in a growing, joyful love relationship with Jesus Christ.  It offers instructional curriculum, family enrichment, supplementary resources, and volunteer training from within the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy.  The Adventurer program should work to fulfill the gospel commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and depends on the support of a congregation strong in mission and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  According to the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists, there are almost 36,000 Adventurer clubs world wide with a membership of 1,336,936 Adventurers!


Teens in grades 9 - 12 can learn how to become leaders through the Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program.


Through Investiture Achievement, honors, camping, Share Your Faith activities, and conference-wide events, youth can develop skills and help others as they grow physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. They discover Jesus is their Best Friend.


ONLY 19,714 TICKETS LEFT as of 10/30/23

August 5-11, 2024

A video about the upcoming Believe the Promise International Camporee.



Idaho Conference Pathfinder & Adventurer Leadership

at GSAA 8/26/23@0800am

This is for all Pathfinder and Adventurer Club staff.  The following training will be offered:

Basic Staff Training (BST) - For ALL new staff or those who have decided to start their Master Guide coursework.  This is an all day course.


AYMT Counselor Certification- This is an all day course.  This is for any staff who are or will be or are just interested in becoming Counselor. The one pre-requisite is you have to have taken Basic Staff Training.


AYMT Secretary/Treasurer Certification:  This is a 8 hour course I recommend any staff who plan on being a Club Secretary or Treasurer take this class.  


AYMT Director Certification: This is an 8 hour course for all Directors new and old.


After dinner there will be a special presentation for all staff.


Idaho Conference Pathfinder Camporee: 

Sept 22-24, 20230

Grayback Gulch Campground, Idaho City

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