David Prest, Jr.

President, ASI, Camp Meeting, Church Ministries, and Pastoral Hiring

Phone: 208-375-7524 Ext. 111
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John Rogers

VP for Administration, VP for Finance, and Stewardship

Phone: 208-375-7524 Ext. 112
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Patrick Frey

Senior Youth Director and Superintendent of Schools

Phone: 208-375-7524 Ext. 123
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Eve Rusk

Director of Planned Giving and Trust Services, Director of Communications, Membership, Service Record & Employee Retirement Applications

Phone: 208-375-7524 Ext. 119
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David Salazar

Youth, Young Adults, Children's Ministries

Phone: 208.375.7524 ext 118
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Jim Bollin

Ministerial Director and Kuna Church pastor

Phone: 208.936.8344
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Jody Burton

Women's Ministries Coordinator

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Dan Gilbert

Pathfinder Director

Phone: 208.283.8774
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Susan Gilbert

Pathfinder Executive Secretary

Phone: 208.283.7997
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Don Klinger

Retired, Assistant to the President, part-time

Phone: 208-288-1260
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Jeannie Leno

Associate Treasurer, Payroll, Sterling Volunteer Screening, Employee Benefits

Phone: 208.375.7524 ext 115
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Gerald Margil

Hispanic Ministries Coordinator

Phone: 225-317-0190
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Alma Margil

Hispanic Women's Ministries Coordinator

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Jo Ann Miller

Administrative Asst to President

Phone: 208-375-7524, ext 110
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Leanne Strickland

Accountant, Remittances, Property and Liability Insurance, Offering Readings, Sunset Calendars, Investment

Phone: 208-375-7524 Ext. 114
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Connie Williams

Administrative Assistant for Education & Youth, Sabbath School Supplies, and Vacation Bible School

Phone: 208-375-7524 Ext. 122
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Joyce Yeager

Prayer Ministries Coordinator

Phone: 208.629.6129
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