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Welcome to the web home of the Idaho Conference. It is our hope that you will catch a vision of what God is doing in our part of this world.   We are the headquarters for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

From farming to white water sports, from skiing to technology—the communities and people of Idaho and Oregon have a lot to offer. From our headquarters in Boise, Idaho, we provide resources and leadership for ministry to more than 6,500 members in our 50 congregations across the conference.  

We operate 11 elementary schools and Gem State Adventist Academy, a boarding and community high school, which educate many of our children and their friends in the community. Camp Ida–Haven, our year–round camp located on Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho, provides a fun, Christ–centered summer camp program to several hundred children. Churches, families, and other groups enjoy the scenic, retreat setting the rest of the year.  

Explore our site – find a place to visit, a place to call home. It is our hope and prayer that wherever you go, you will see Jesus shining through each of us.
 Idaho Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Inc



Daily Devotional
Little Flowers

Parents, let your children learn from the flowers. Take them with you into a garden or field or under a leafy tree, and teach them to read the message of God's love in nature. Link their thoughts of God with the birds and flowers and trees. Show them that every fascinating and beautiful thing in nature is an expression of God's love for them. Let them see the joy you find in your belief in God. Define your religion with kindness.

     Teach them that God's great love makes it possible for people - including them - to become more like Jesus every day. Teach them that He wants their lives to be beautiful like the flowers. As they gather the blossoms, teach them that the Creator is even lovelier than His creations. This way, the "vines" of their hearts will become wrapped around His. He will be a daily Companion and Friend to them, and they will grow more and more like Him.

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8:56 PM May 6, 2016 (Sabbath Starts)
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