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Sabbath Worship Bulletin

Pastor Bradshaw has been the Speaker and Director of It Is Written since January 2011. In almost a quarter of a century of ministry, he has held more than 100 evangelistic series on five continents.

Camp Meeting 2018: June 12 - 16, at Gem State Adventist Academy. Featuring John Bradshaw, Director/Speaker for It Is Written; Stan Hudson, Charles White, It Is Written Spark training, Sabbath musical guest His Voice, programs for children and youth birth through high school, young adult meetings, and more! Watch this site and the Camp Meeting Facebook page for more updates.


Live Feeds of Camp Meeting are provided by Sealing Time Ministries. They currently have a server issue, so the livestream has been moved to their FaceBook page: click to stream on Facebook

The following meetings will be livestreamed:
 Evening and Sabbath morning (English) with John Bradshaw Tuesday through Sabbath (Saturday) evening
8 am Devotional with Stan Hudson in the Academy Church, Wednesday through Friday
9:15 am seminar with Stan Hudson in the Academy Church, Wednesday through Friday
11 am Weekday Worship with Charles White in the Academy Church, Wednesday through Friday
1:30 pm seminar with Stan Hudson in the Academy Church, Wednesday & Thursday (repeat of morning)
3:15 pm seminar with Angie David in the Academy Church, Wednesday & Thursday
1:30 pm seminar with Angie David in the Academy Church, Friday

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2018 Camp Meeting Newsletter

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Individuals with medical training are needed who would be willing to be on call during Camp Meeting to help if a medical emergency arises. If you would be willing, please contact Leanne Strickland (208-375-7524 x114Leanne.strickland@idconf.org)
Camp Meeting room and RV space fees are payable by cash or check only.
Camp Meeting meals are purchased through the Gem State Academy cafeteria.