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Greetings from Gem State Adventist Academy!

We are writing to inform you of an upcoming event that your child is invited to participate in on our campus.


Academy Day, April 11, 2016, is an interactive and fun day that will introduce and highlight Gem State’s academic excellence, spiritual atmosphere, and family-like environment to your child. 


Your child has been given the opportunity to select their favorite classes to participate in, and then they will go on a “tour” of our campus which will take them through a years’ worth of events and extra-curricular activities that they will get to experience as a student at GSAA. Our day will end with a GSAA showcase that you are more than welcome to join us for.


If your child is traveling from outside of the Treasure Valley, we are happy to host them and their chaperone on Sunday evening, April 10, and we have included a place on their registration form for their teacher to indicate if lodging will be needed.


We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about Academy Day or GSAA’s program. If you would like to speak to a specific individual, you are welcome to make an appointment at your convenience


Marvin Thorman – Principal          Russ Dunn – Finance 

208-459-1627 ext. 124             208-459-1627 ext. 144

wwentland@gemstate.org         rdunn@gemstate.org


Karen Davies – Registrar                     Jane Mills – Admin. Assist.

208-459-1627 ext. 110             208-459-1627 ext. 123

kdavies@gemstate.org             jmills@gemstate.org